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I currently serve as the digital editor for Tida-Mag.com, a boutique fashion, photography, and lifestyle magazine edited by Anna Wolf.

Tidal publishes exclusive work by some of the world’s best photographers, as well as articles about up and coming music acts you’ve never heard of.

It’s a great group and there’s nothing better than eating burritos and drinking rosé with these guys in Anna’s studio on a hot summer day. I highly recommend it (both the magazine and the burritos).

The challenge for Tidal is to streamline an inconsistent flow of digital stories and photo essays in two worlds: print and online. The twist: Tidal’s brand begins and ends in print, not the other way around.

I work in tandem with the online photo editor to select content that will run not only on the website, but also that is woven into an online digital narrative between social media platforms including Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Check out Tidal’s website, tidal-mag.com, as well as Tidal’s social properties…