Toxic avenger press photo

©The Toxic Avenger, 2016

“The Toxic Avenger at Webster Hall”
For Green Shoelace
By: Michael Bradshaw


A soft shower fell on New York City one dark and stormy night as phantom electro-thrash producer The Toxic Avenger (AKA Simon Delacroix) sat on a stoop outside Webster Hall watching the rain collect in pools.

“I like music that is emotional” whispered Delacroix from behind a plume of cigarette smoke. “Passionate.”

An hour before the start of a DJ set inaugurating his addition to a compilation series issued by Scion car company (unsexily) titled, Scion CD Sampler v26: The Toxic Avenger, it was clear that the mild-mannered Parisian named Simon Delacroix is the true, secret identity of The Toxic Avenger. Where Delacroix is a thoughtful movie geek and Morrissey devotee, the Toxic Avenger summons shadows of bass that rumble down noir alleys–At the critical moment, the alleys blaze with sonic firefight.

The Scion sampler challenges Delacroix’s contemporaries to walk The Toxic Avenger’s mean streets. With remixes by Designer Dr*gs, Acid Girls, The Juan MacLean, and Ladytron, they do so in fine style, capturing the dark night Delacroix’s alter-ego defends.

Supported by Frankie Chan (owner of the IHEARTCOMIX label, which The Toxic Avenger calls home) and Mixhell, when it came time for Delacroix to don the mask of The Toxic Avenger, the crowd at Webster Hall was issued an eardrum-rattling, two-hour onslaught of gun-metal electro.

Clearly, the time for mild manners was over.