astroids galaxy tour

The Astroids Galaxy Tour ©2016

“The Asteroids Galaxy Tour @Mercury Lounge”
For Green Shoelace
By Michael Bradshaw


Mette Lindberg, half of Denmark’s pop-soul ensemble, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, slid into a booth seat at Manhattan’s Boqueria, took up a menu, and seized her eyes on the Torte de Chocolate.

“What is it exactly,” She quizzed the waitress. “A solid or a liquid?”

“It’s a solid chocolate torte with liquid chocolate inside.”

Lindberg is a remarkable Danish beauty with audacious, blonde hair and, when her blue eyes lit up, it’s a wonder how the Big Apple, let alone the tiny chocolatier in Flatiron, remained in tact.

“I’ll take it.”

When she’s not scrutinizing the composition of gourmet desserts or threatening the city that never sleeps with blue-eyed devastation, Lindberg and her partner Lars Iversen are on tour to promote their debut LP, “Fruit.” They play back-to-back shows with a full band in New York City Thursday and Friday before taking on the UK.

“[The music] is always alive.” She said between bites of her multi-textural chocolate concoction. “It’s important to us to be playing real music.”

There’s no doubt the music that “Fruit” fruits is, in fact, alive. A sci-fi, comic book version of American Soul by way of Scandinavia, Apple anointed AGT last year when a funky number called, “Around the Bend” appeared in an iPod Touch commercial. “Fruit” more or less revolves around the track, with a few exceptions including time capsule groove, “The Golden Age”.

The Apple factor ensured a packed house when the band played Mercury Lounge Thursday night; it also explained the diversity of the crowd. Asteroids Galaxy Tour are accessible, familiar⎯easy on the ear (Who doesn’t like fruit?). And Lindberg’s voice holds together impeccably. She is truly a gifted singer and a student of the great soul-crooners. For fans of high-quality production and one-of-a-kind vocals, “Fruit” will be a delight.

The bands natural energy and good vibes are undeniable. Having finished the dessert,Lindberg climbed into a cab on West 19th Street. From the open window, she waved her hands and cried, “I’m in sugar shock!”