I was initially hired by Thomson Reuters Studios to produce a series of three, B2B marketing videos for a financial analysis group at State Street, a financial services holding company based in Boston. After writing, shooting, and supervising the post and delivery of this series, I was asked to stay on to help with a number of other projects, with which the Reuters group was charged including: helping to produce a TMZ-style, daily stock market discussion series called BreakingViews, a weekly market recap video for tech trend-spotter Jack Myers called, The Myers Media Business Report, as well as various weekly, internal market reports for J.P. Morgan.

State Street screen shot 1

The State Street Center for Applied Research commissioned three B2B marketing videos to launch their newly-founded think tank and global market research division. My job was to write scripts based on talking points provided by the client, media train the leadership that would appear on screen, concept motion graphics that explained key details of the presentation, booked photography and studio time and managed post. In addition to the pre- and post-production segments of the project, I served as the client point-of-contact for changes and approvals.

Midas Letter Money screen shot 1

Midas Letter Money was a series I produced for independent capital markets entrepreneur and investor, and editor of the Midas Letter, James West. I worked with West one-on-one to develop the show he wished to create for his subscribers who were looking for expert information on gold and precious metals markets. I oversaw the script and delivery of motion graphics packaging and helped run the in-studio shoots at Thomson Reuters studios in 3 Times Square.

Jack Myers Media Business Report screen shot 1

The Jack Myers Media Business Report was an existing series at Thomson Reuters Studios when I stepped in as producer of the show. I assisted Myers during his weekly broadcast from the Reuters news desk, QC’ed Myers’ scripts and oversaw his shoots, ingest and delivery of footage to Myers’ team for distribution to his subscribers. I oversaw post and motion graphics production in tandem with the editor of the series. Finally, I was in charge of delivering the episodes directly to Myers’ team for archiving.