CLIENT: NetJets | ROLE: Creative Director | PROJECT: Custom Content Program | PUBLISHER: Wall Street Journal

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I served as a contract creative director at the The Trust, The Wall Street Journal’s custom content team and during my time with the team ideated and executed, “Above & Beyond,” a video and digital program execution in partnership with Netjets.

Netjets business man rides to plane

My duties included collaborating with editorial and client partner teams to draft a creative proposal based on the Netjets RFP, pitch, and support client partners with the aid of production during negotiations on the final sale.

Netjets pilot in cockpit

After an SOW was signed, I worked with production and my global head of creative on a script and style frames. I reached out to directors and vendors and awarded the business. On set, I collaborated with the director and talent. Oversaw post production and final delivery.

Netjets business woman in hallway