Miike Snow

©2016, Miike Snow

“Delorian and Miike Snow @Bowery Ballroom”
For Green Shoelace
By Michael Bradshaw


After a tidy opening set by Spain’s Delorian, Miike Snow took the stage in blank white Venetian masks (a la Eyes Wide Shut, Daft Punk, The Knife, Toxic Avenger, and a lot of other things) launching into “Sylvia”. The sold out crowd loved it.

The members of Miike Snow won a Grammy for their production of Britney Spear’s Toxic. They write tracks for other pop tarts such as Kylie Minogue and Madonna Members admit they never expected the Snow project to ever gain traction; that touring, performing a hit single on Jimmy Kimmel Live was never in the plan. They just wanted to make music that moved them.

This begs the question: is Miike Snow what pop-music would sound like if there was no music industry?

At the piano on stage, lead singer Andrew Wyatt admitted, “New York City… It’s good to be here. It’s just how I pictured it.”

A few of Miike Snow’s songs made it onto the TV show, Gossip Girl. This fact was evidenced by a certain percentage of the crowd sporting Ann Taylor. Delicate, thin-wristed hands reached into the purple smoke above the heads of their dates and towards the familiar harmony that played over Gossip Girl promos, say, three weeks ago? Starched plaid shirts shrugged along to a kind of ZooTV beat. But this isn’t U2. (God, no.) Miike Snow is a newer pop dynamo. Audacious, sleek, Swedish. Everyone knows the words. Everyone sings and claps along. Everyone loves this band. It is exactly the music people want to hear.

Couples sway while making out. A pair of hands slide down the back of a pair of tight Mavi jeans. This the third night of Miike Snow shows in as many venues: all sold out.

With lyrics as accessible as, “Did I say too much? Did I say enough? I don’t know.” It’s no great wonder why they appeal to a wide audience. But is there more to the band that crafted a Grammy for Britney on the heels of her first of many freak-outs? If you’re Britney’s people and Britney flips and you need a hit, like now, who you gonna call?

The incredibly skilled and damn talented songwriters of Miike Snow. By the climax of the show, the masks had come off and the lights and smoke filled Bowery Ballroom with thunder and wonderful, climax-style, craftsmanship. Every note so perfectly curated, so perfectly elegant, I wondered of what heavenly dimension where pop is actually good was this sound born?