Absolut X Whats Your X Feature Image

Absolut sought to develop a unique video series showcasing their partner roster of painters, sculptors, musicians, and other creatives to live in a 360 campaign that spanned digital, branded video content, and a series of live experiences. The “X” of the campaign was that undefinable factor that all creatives share. To highlight that idea, I paired creatives in differing fields to see what happens when they leave the relative safety of their comfort zone and apply their expertise to a challenging new task.

I wrote and produced the lion’s share of the 10 episode series. Here are a few of my favorites.

Augustina Woodgate

Augustina Woodgate is a world-renown installation artist from Argentina living and working in Miami. James Galea is an Australian magician living and working in Los Angeles.I paired the two together, because they share a passion for deception and tricking their audiences into believing in make-believe. In this episode of “What’s Your X?” James teaches Augustina a close-up card trick that she takes to Hollywood Boulevard to tryout on passersby with varying levels of success.

Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon loves two things: music and food. Based on this episode of “What’s Your X?”, it’s hard to tell which one of those things is their favorite. I hooked the band up with Ned Elliot, owner and executive chef behind Austin foodie hot spot, “Foreign and Domestic”. Ned took the boys on an all-you-can-eat food tour of Austin to give them a taste of all the culinary delights they were missing on the road.

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow is a story teller as much as he is a musician. He crafts narratives based on mythical characters and wanted to bring those characters to life visually. I paired him with Marvel comics manager Tim Smith III to show him the way. In this episode of “What’s Your X?”, we see two men passionate about stories and characters rendering Twin Shadow’s creation in comic book form.