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The Challenge:The State Street Center for Applied Research commissioned three B2B marketing videos to launch their newly-founded think tank and global market research division. My job was to write scripts based on talking points provided by the client, media train the leadership that would appear on screen, direct motion graphics and post-production.

The videos now live on the client’s home page. Visit The State Street Center for Applied Research to see them in action.

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Script: Where is the investment management industry headed? Looking beyond tomorrow–or the day after–to ten years out… Where are the opportunities?

I’m Kelly McKenna, Global Head of the State Street Center for Applied Research. We’re a new, global research team on the hunt for trends. We’re talking to executives throughout the industry and throughout the world–and in these times of uncertainty, we’re seeing an intense demand for forward thinking.

Our research dives deep into the issues that matter most, providing you with actionable analysis and a strategic path to the future.


Script: I’m Suzanne Duncan, Global Head of Research at the State Street Center for Applied Research. Here at the Center, we want to answer just one, fundamental question, “Where is the money?”

To find out, we’re undertaking a unique, 12-month, world-wide research study that will define the next decade of the investment management industry. We are surveying over 1,000 market participants around the globe­; including investment management providers, institutional and retail investors, governments and regulators—and we’re asking them to share their insights.

Four questions form the basis of our research: How will investor behavior change over time? What will be the most significant forces that drive change? How must the investment industry’s value proposition evolve?–And–What can we do today to prepare for the future?

We’re collecting empirical research, analyzing asset allocation shifts, evaluating risk tolerance, and examining the level of fee compression throughout the industry. So… Where is the money? The real money is in the hands of an “unknown investor” – an investor that has yet to be fully monetized because this investor has yet to be understood.


Script: We have identified three kinds of unknown investors: The kind you think you know already… The kind you don’t… And the one that wants to know you…

The reality is that providers are disconnected from what investors actually value 80% of the time. Providers think their investors value new product and one-stop-shop offerings.

However, what investors actually value has nothing to do with the product. They value unbiased, high-quality advice, client service excellence and convenience. Investors are screaming out: Understand me!

The second type of investor is the one that has not yet been prioritized, particularly in developing economies. Take China for example. We analyzed 35 of the world’s largest economies. In terms of investible assets, China, today, isn’t even close to the top of that list. By the year 2020, it will be ranked number five. Considering these disconnects, it’s no wonder loyalty is low. One of the most disturbing statistics we uncovered is that 85% of investors express no particular loyalty to their primary investment provider.