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Ages ago, when my good friend Drew Nolte was with Agile League, he invited me to guest host his podcast: Design Vs. Dev. We had a great chat about front end marketing and how it relates UX, dev, and programming work flows, which according to Drew, sometimes elude or even mystify teams on the backend. If you’re a programmer baffled by why account, marketing, strategy, and creative teams make the decisions they do, the following three episodes should help explain our internal goals and also the challenges we often face on the client side. And trust me, it’s about way more than…

“I have people skills.”

If you’re someone who’s ever found yourself caught between code and creative, I’d love to hear your feed back. Hit me up below.

Part 1 (Stitcher Link)

Part 2 (Stitcher Link)

Part 3 (Stitcher Link)

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