Michael Anthony Bradshaw

New York City

I'm an executive writer and creative strategist who helps world-class finance, technology, and luxury brands connect with constituents and grow their business.

With 15 years of experience advising global brands, I craft messaging and strategy that delivers results and fuels innovation. Explore a selection of past project s below and feel free to reach out directly for examples of industry-specific work from auto, aviation, B2B, banking, hospitality, luxury, fashion, technology, finance, and consumer sectors.

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Here are some true facts about me.

  • My first car was a canary yellow, 1976 Volkswagen Beetle with a tape deck. (RIP, Elijah…)
  • I’ve published two volumes of original poetry.
  • A tiger once roared directly at me while I was wearing a tuxedo.
  • I worked as a full-time rave promoter from 1999-2001.
  • I saved a child’s life in Paris.
  • I’ve been on the top of the front page of Reddit.
  • I spent my teenage years living on a peacock farm.
  • Once, with a casual, off-hand remark, I made an entire elevator full of SNL cast members laugh.
  • I’ve run four marathons.
  • I’ve won a CLIO, a PromaxBDA Gold, and was nominated for an Emmy but, that I failed to qualify for the 1989 Nintendo Power World Championships (on a technicality) still keeps me up at night.
Writer Michael Bradshaw with Empire State Building